Atul Bhope, Rahul
IoT, Systems and Machine Learning
Bai, Jiadong
Interactive Data Analysis using workflow-based approach, Dataset Management
Chakraborty, Vishal
Database design, compliance, privacy policies, Internet of Things
Chio, Andrew
Internet-of-Things, Middleware, Machine Learning, Optimization, Distributed Systems
Das, Pratyoy
Query Processing, Query Optimization, Progressive Execution
Fang, Juncheng
Blockchain, Distributed Systems
Gu, Binbin
machine learning, blockchain, data management
Habibi, Farzad
Distributed Systems, Data Management
Huang, Yicong
Database, Big Data Management, Data Mining
Kenne, Modeste
Networked Systems, Internet of Things, Smart Resilient Communities, Cyber-physical Systems
Kerur, Rithwik
distributed systems, data management, data cleaning
Khatibi, Elahe
IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data Management, Distributed Systems
Li, Keming
spatial/vector database, information retrieval
Lin, Xinyuan
Data Processing Systems, Big Data Analytics.
Liu, Xiaozhen
Data Management, Big Data Processing
Luti, Malik
Smart Cities, IoT, Ontology, Analytics and Digital Twin
Ni, Shengquan
Distributed systems, Big Data Processing, Machine Learning
Rao, Sriram
data management, databases, query processing
Saleh Alsudais, Sadeem
Big Data and Software Architecture
Wang, Guoxi
software-defined networking (SDN) and network securit
Yousef Alkowaileet, Wail
High-Performance Computing, Compilers, and Data Management.
Zhou, Yinan
Permissionless Blockchain, Smart Contracts