UCI ISG Reunion 2024

Prof. Ramesh Jain has been honored with the 2022 ACM Distinguished Service Award for his remarkable contributions.

The Information Systems Group (ISG) at UC Irvine is part of the Department of Computer Science within the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. ISG is a broad and vital group consisting of four faculty members, staff, students, visitors, and other affiliates. The mission of ISG is broad-ranging, as the combination of the next-generation Web, diverse forms of multimodal data, and new devices have created a world rich with heterogeneous forms of information that need to be located, accessed, queried, managed, archived, and integrated much like the more traditional (yet ever important) enterprise data. ISG’s mission is to address this rapidly evolving information infrastructure by conducting research on all aspects of modern data and information systems.

ISG faculty interests include big data, text analytics, visualization, situational awareness, and cyber-physical systems. Research topics cover architectures, algorithms, and performance evaluation of a variety of next-generation information systems and technologies. Current topics include Big Data systems, data analysis and data cleansing, data visualization, text analytics, multimedia information systems and search, adaptive middleware, experiential computing, mobile and pervasive computing, service-oriented architectures, search techniques, and scalable data-intensive computing.