Professor Chen Li
Data Systems, Databases, Data analytics, Big Data
Professor Li’s interests straddle databases and information systems, including data-intensive computing, data integration, data cleaning, text search, text analytics, visualization, and data workflows.
Professor Sharad Mehrotra
Database Systems, Data Privacy, Internet of Things
Professor  Mehrotra’s interests span various aspects of  data management including issues related to  data quality, data cleaning, Internet of Things,uncertainty, mobility, privacy, and security.
Professor Faisal Nawab
Distributed Data Management, Blockchain, Geo-replicated Systems
Professors Nawab’s research lies at the intersection of Big Data management and distributed Cloud Computing systems. He leads the UCI EdgeLab where they aim to build edge-cloud and blockchain systems Read More
Professor Nalini Venkatasubramanian
Distributed Systems
Professor Venkatasubramanian’s interests relate to the emerging global information infrastructure, and include distributed systems, middleware, multimedia systems and applications, and mobile applications.


Professor Michael Carey
Big Data, Database Management Systems
Professor Carey’s interests include Big Data management, database management systems, information integration, middleware, parallel and distributed systems, and computer system performance evaluation.
Professor Ramesh Jain
Multimodal Data Processing, Future Health
Professor Jain’s interests combine multimedia information systems, visual computing, and intelligent systems to address Future Health systems.


Professor Michael T. Goodrich
High Performance Algorithms
Professor Goodrich’s research is directed at the design of high performance algorithms and data structures with applications to information assurance and security, the Internet, machine learning, and geometric computing.
Professor Sang-Woo Jun
innovative system architectures for low-cost high-performance computing
Professor Jun’s research interests include systems and software for big data analytics, aiming to boost performance and lower costs using field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based applicationspecific hardware acceleration and non-volatile memory Read More
Professor Tony Givargis
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Professsor Givargis conducts research in the area of software for embedded systems. He is currently investigating issues related to Realtime Operating System (RTOS) synthesis, serializing compilers, and code transformations techniques Read More