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Mohammad Sadoghi (UC Davis): The Journey of Building Global-Scale Sustainable Blockchain Fabric 

DBH 6011

Abstract The inception of Bitcoin and blockchain has renewed the vision of a democratic and decentralized computational paradigm, that is, to ingrain integrity, transparency, and accountability into the very fabric of the computational model. These fundamental concepts and the technologies behind them--a generic ledger-based data model, cryptographically ensured data integrity and transparent and accountable consensus-based […]

Pat Helland (Salesforce): Scalable OLTP in the Cloud: What’s the BIG DEAL?

DBH 4011

Abstract:   The pursuit of scalable OLTP systems has been the holy grail of my career. Because OLTP systems are typically split into applications and databases, the isolation semantics provided by the DB and used by the app have a major impact on the scalability of the OLTP system as a whole. The isolation semantics are […]

Mike Heddes: Efficient Cardinality Estimation of Multi-Join Queries using Count Sketches

DBH 4011

Abstract:  Cardinality estimates are a primary input to query optimizers to determine an appropriate join order. The seminal AMS sketch can estimate the cardinality of an equi-join between two relations using little space. Since then, two important advancements are the Count sketch, a method which significantly improves upon the sketching time, and secondly, an extension […]