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The Information Systems Group (ISG) at UC Irvine is part of the Department of Computer Science within the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences.

ISG is a broad and vital group consisting of five UCI CS faculty members (Profs. Carey, Jain, Li, Mehrotra, and Venkatasubramanian), adjunct faculty member (Prof. Kalashnikov), students, visitors, project staff, and other affiliates. The mission of ISG is broad-ranging, as the combination of the next-generation Web, diverse forms of multimodal data, and new devices have created a world rich with heterogeneous forms of information that need to be located, accessed, queried, managed, archived, and integrated much like the more traditional (yet ever important) enterprise data of yesteryear. ISG's mission is to address this rapidly evolving information infrastructure by conducting research on all aspects of modern data and information systems.

ISG faculty interests range from theory to systems, from principles to practice, and from design and experimentation to deployment and applications. Application focus areas include emergency response, situational awareness, and cyber-physical systems. Research topics with ISG cover architectures, algorithms, and performance evaluation of a variety of next-generation information systems and techologies. Current topics include database systems, data analysis and data cleansing, data warehousing systems, information integration tools, multimedia information systems and search, semantic Web, adaptive middleware, experiential computing, peer-to-peer systems, mobile and pervasive computing, service-oriented architectures, search techniques, scalable data-intensive computing, and data sharing and dissemination. Current projects within ISG are exploring challenges in the realization of such systems stemming from information diversity and heterogeneity (e.g., multidimensional data, XML, text, multimedia data, and sensor streams) and due to emerging application needs (including privacy and security, mobility, quality of data, quality of service, and reliability and robustness in extreme situations).

M.S./Ph.D. Studies in Information Systems at UC Irvine

The faculty of the Information Systems Group (ISG) at UC Irvine is looking for a handful of excellent prospective students who are seeking an exciting, active place to study and do research on databases and information systems starting each Fall. Several large projects are underway and several new ones are just beginning and will provide excellent opportunities for incoming students to "get in on the ground floor" of interesting new research initiatives.

ISG is a part of the CS Department within the Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences at UC Irvine, an environment that offers a number of unique advantages and opportunities. Being one of just a handful of such schools across the country, ICS offers a broad, stimulating intellectual environment for graduate studies. ICS is comprised of three departments - Computer Science, Informatics, and Statistics - covering all traditional computer science areas as well as related areas such as software engineering, human-computer interaction and usability, collaboration technologies, and statistical machine learning and data mining and analysis.

UC Irvine itself, in the words of our current chancellor, "combines the strengths of a major research university with the bounty of an incomparable Southern California location." Thus, in addition to a stimulating research and educational environment, graduate study in ISG at UC Irvine offers attractive off-hours opportunities. Our location in Orange County offers easy access to a wide variety of outdoor and indoor entertainment and sporting activities.

More information about graduate study in CS at UC Irvine can be found on the CS Department's graduate studies page. Applications for admission for a given Fall are due by January 15th of that calendar year. More specifics about ISG, its faculty, and its projects can be found on our new ISG web site. Check us out!

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