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Michael Carey

Prof. Carey's interests include database system architecture, data-intensive computing, information integration, middleware, distributed systems, and computer system performance evaluation.

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Ramesh Jain

Prof. Jain's interests combine multimedia information systems, visual computing, and intelligent systems, and include multimedia search and experiential computing for live as well as archived data.

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Chen Li

Prof. Li's interests straddle databases and information systems, including data integration, data cleaning, data warehousing, Web search, and large-scale information processing using parallel computing.

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Sharad Mehrotra

Prof. Mehrotra's interests span various aspects of next-generation data and information management systems, including issues related to multimodality, uncertainty, data quality, heterogeneity, mobility, privacy, and security.

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Nalini Venkatasubramanian

Prof. Venkatasubramanian's interests relate to the emerging global information infrastructure, and include distributed systems, middleware, multimedia systems and applications, and mobile applications.

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Phillip Sheu (EECS)

Prof. Sheu's interests include semantic computing, object-relational data management, knowledge engineering, and their applications to areas including complex biomedical systems.

Adjunct Faculty

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Dmitri Kalashnikov

Prof. Kalashnikov's interests include data management, database systems, data mining, information quality, entity resolution, web entity search, disambiguation, spatial, spatio-temporal, moving-object databases, similarity retrieval, uncertainty in databases, streaming data and sensor databases.

Research Faculty

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Naveen Ashish

Dr. Ashish's interests are primarily in data management and artificial intelligence, particularly the application of technqiues from the latter to the former.


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Vinayak Borkar

ASTERIX Project Lead Software Engineer. Vinayak's interests include database systems, information integration, XML query processing, and data-intensive parallel computing.

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Christopher Davison

Technology Manager: Dr. Davison's research interests are primarily within the domain of business continuity/disaster recovery planning, but also span such diverse topics as leadership, privacy, ethics, and information technology strategic planning.

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Jay Lickfett

RESCUE / SAFIRE Lead Software Engineer: Jay's interests include application of IT research to the emergency management domain.

Postdoctoral and Associated Researchers

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Bijit Hore

Dr. Hore current research focuses on privacy-preservation and disclosure-control in data management, data mining and pervasive-space applications. His broader research interest spans database technology, data mining, graph theory and combinatorial optimization.


Ph.D. Students

Stylianos Doudalis
Laleh Jalali
Young-Seok Kim
Jie Xu
Jikai Yin
Qiuxi Zhu


Hongzhi WangFall 2012 - Summer 2013from Harbin Instituite of Technology
Jinhui TangWinter 2010 - Winter 2010from National University of Singapore
Alessandro BonFall 2009 - presentfrom Italy
Stefano BonettiFall 2008 - presentfrom Italy
Chiara ChiappiniFall 2008 - presentfrom Italy
Amedeo D'ascanioFall 2009 - presentfrom Italy
Guoliang LiWinter and Spring 2008from Tsinghua University, China
Vassia PavlakiSummer 2005 and April 2006from NTUA, Greece
Bin WangSummer 2006, Summer 2007from Northeastern University, China
Xiaochun YangSummer 2006, Summer 2007from Northeastern University, China


Ph.D. Alumni

Alex Behm2013first appointment Cloudera
Leila Jalali2013first appointment IBM DB2
Mingyan Gao2012first appointment Google
Pinaki Sinha2012first appointment Apple
Setareh Rafatirad2012first appointment George Mason University
Vivek Singh2012postdoc at MIT
Ronen Vaisenberg2012first appointment Google
Rabia Nuray-Turan2011first appointment Metavana
Rares Vernica2011first appointment HP Labs
Shengyue Ji2011first appointment Google
Vidhya Balasubramanian2008
Kaushik ChakrabartiMicrosoft Research
Stella Zhaoqi Chen2008first appointment Microsoft
Mayur Deshpande2007first appointment Google
Bo Gong2008first appointment Oracle
Sebastian Gutierrez-Nolasco2007first appointment NASA Ames Research Center
Hakan HacigumusIBM Almaden Research
Ramaswamy Hariharan2008first appointment Yellowpage Research
Qi Han2006now at Colorado School of Mines
Yun Huang2008Now Postdoctoral Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University
Hojjat Jafarpour2010first appointment NEC Lab
Ravi Chandra Jammalamadaka2008first appointment Ebay
Minyoung Kim2008first appointment SRI
Iosif Lazaridis2006
Kyoungwoo Lee2008
Daniel Massaguer2009
Shivajit Mohapatra2006first appointment Motorola Research Lab
Yiming Ma2007first appointment Nokia Research Center
Dawit Yimam Seid2007
Michal Shmueli-Scheuer2009first appointmetn IBM Research
Michael Ortega-Binderbergerfirst appointment IBM Santa Teresa Labs
Kringkrai PorkaewAsst. Professor, King Mongkut University of Technology
Xingbo Yu2007first appointment Oracle
Bo Xing2009first appointment Ericsson Research

M.S. Alumni

Vijay Rajakumar2010first appointment Bimple
Minh Doan2010first appointment TheFind
Guangqiang Li2010first appointment MarkLogic
Ling Ling2010first appointment IBM Hawthorne
Lin Shao2010IBM Sillicon Valley Lab
Humeyra Altintas2006
Bhaskar Chatterjee2006
Jonathan Cristoforetti2007first appointment Google
Zhenghua FuPelco Lab
Liang Jin2005first appointment Microsoft
Yiming Lu2008first appointment Microsoft
Jia Li2005now working in the bay area
Houtan Shirani-Mehr2006now Ph.D. student at USC
Xiaoping Weifirst appointment CNET Networks
Xin Zheng2005first appointment Samsung
Qi Zhong 2005first appointment Microsoft

Postdoctoral Alumni

Nicola Onose2009-2011now at Google
Jiaheng Lu2006-2008now a faculty at Renmin University, China
Bohyung Han
Ansgar Scherp
Utz Westermann
Wei Qi Yan